There are a number of ways you can increase sales with a bespoke advertising campaign in VW Vibe, with options to suit every budget. Tell us your requirements and we’ll work to accommodate you. Not got the time or facility to put together an advert? Then take advantage of our design service from our highly skilled team of graphic designers.We will work closely with you in order to help you achieve the very best response and maximize your exposure through VW Vibe.


We will exploit social media. Facebook, Twitter and other sites will propagate interest and form additional platforms for exposure. Digital versions of the magazine will be available via Apple’s App Store, the major Android stores and the Kindle platform, creating additional fields of exposure. A number of added features are available, such as adding hyperlinks, video clips and banner advertising.


Meet Melanie Penkoks, our VW Vibe Ad Sales guru! Mel has spent her career in magazine advertising, having worked for top international publishing houses overseas and here in the UK, so joined Traplet’s ranks last year with a wealth of experience. And Mel carries our ethos perfectly of not simply ‘filling space’, but actually building ongoing relationships with our advertisers as mutual trading partners; to this end she’ll listen to what our advertisers needs are and tailor design the best package for each individual – this includes working very closely with the Editor to explore additional editorial and advertorial opportunities to help galvanise any formal advertising, as well as regular communication with our trading partners to ensure an optimum level of in-page presence is consistently maintained. Oh, and since joining the VW Vibe ad sales crew, Mel has become quite the Vdub disciple and looks forward to meeting all our partners in person at a VW event near you!

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Call: 01684 588510



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